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3G as Access Services

3G as Access Service is a next generation solution that presents wide range of communication possibilities for industries requiring connectivity in remote areas. It ensures the continuation of business processes in a seamless way while reducing the operational and functional costs.

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Group Data

Get one pool of data for all your employees to share across multiple devices.

*Standard taxes apply. Includes 2G and 3G Traffic
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Leased Circuits

Link the service between your countrywide office sites through Leased Circuits. With Jazz’s redundant and ubiquitous network, you can connect your private networks and transmit data in one of the most dependable environments available.

Click here to view the Access Services through which Leased Circuits can be provided.

Domestic MPLS

Integrate your data and enterprise applications through Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Jazz’s MPLS leverages the vast and custom developed telecom infrastructure spread across the country, offering a highly reliable, secure and scalable networking solution.


Click here to view the Access Services through which Domestic MPLS can be provided.

Global MPLS

Jazz’s Global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network allows you to integrate your data and enterprise applications from your international offices and sites on a secure network. Make most of the congestion-free IP core and global data delivery with the best service assurance.


Click here to view the Access Services through which Global MPLS can be provided.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Accessibility is the most dependable means to route IP traffic and data over the internet. With presence in major business centers of the country, Jazz’s Dedicated Internet Access service uses high bandwidth technologies to provide your business with reliable and quality service.


Click here to view the Access Services through which Dedicated Internet Access can be provided.

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