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Field Force Management

Enhance productivity by managing the movement of your mobile workforce


Jazz Business’ Services Field Force Management (FFM) empowers you to track your mobile workforce with pinpoint accuracy.

Field Force Management solution provides unparalleled efficiency and state-of-the-art-tracking at run time, ensuring safety and security of your mobile workforce.


Geo Fence and Configurable Alerts

Define Geo Fence, a virtual boundary whereby you will be notified through Configurable Alerts if the asset leaves or breaches certain vicinity

GPS Tracking

Be aware of your team’s pinpoint location through GPS – the most reliable and efficient navigation system in the market. If GPS is unavailable or not supported by the device, a GSM based tracking is used as backup

Track Play

Playback the exact path taken by each member of your mobile workforce using Track Play, a dot-to-dot track highlighter on your customized graphical user interface which will inform you exactly where your asset went, when, and for how long

Location Intelligent SMS

Configure Location Intelligent SMS that informs you of your agent’s location at the time of sending SMS to a predefined mobile number

Download Reports

Download Reports and comprehensive analysis of the whereabouts of your workforce to judge their overall efficiency, assessing the total distance they travelled and the time they took while undertaking a certain journey


Integrate your system with Field Force Management via API and retrieve location information of your employees without actually accessing the service portal

Product Variants

Smart Track

Smart Track makes use of state of the art GPS technology, providing pin point accuracy of your assets. It also comes with Location Intelligent SMS for better and informed decision making.

Cell Track

Cell Track makes use of GSM tracking so you can have a better idea of your field team’s location and presence.

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