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Transportation and Logistics

Our M2M Solutions enable real-time information to be exchanged from assets such as containers and vehicles to allow transportation and logistics companies to make business critical decisions in a timely manner. Our Solutions can help you with:

  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Vehicle and passenger security
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Fleet punctuality and performance
  • Reduced fuel/freight cost
  • Effective appraisal of driving behavior
  • Anti-theft controls such as engine kill
  • Collision detection
  • Emergency Assistance

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Energy and Utilities

The future of building the SmartGrid is already here, thanks to M2M Solutions such as smart metering. An automated metering infrastructure powered by Jazz can ensure:

  • Improved administrative control
  • Accurate power and utilties metering
  • Real-time consumption monitoring
  • Reduced transportation and field staff cost
  • Remote infrastructure surveillance
  • Eliminating abuse and leakages
  • Connected grids for improved power distribution

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Retail and distribution businesses capitalize on intelligent inventory management, wearables, handhelds, wireless points-of-sales, remote asset and fleet monitoring to optimize their operations. Our seamless connectivity and a wide range of retail solutions promise:

  • Premises security
  • Fixed and mobile asset security
  • Staff activity monitoring
  • Field force management
  • Reduced time wastage
  • Reduced cost of transportation
  • Elimination of redundant manual tasks
  • Timely inventory replenishment
  • Lower turn-around-time
  • Improved customer service

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Banking, Finance & Insurance

M2M Solutions such as ATM connectivity, remote surveillance, smart handhelds and asset tracking have revolutionized the value offered by the financial industry. A few areas that M2M Solutions can help financial and insurance companies with:

  • Premises/branch security
  • Remote mobile asset security
  • Remote security alerts
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Remote ATM monitoring
  • Improved network connectivity
  • Fact-based claim processing
  • Accurate survey data
  • Improved field customer service
  • Collision detection

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Rescue and Security

Timely M2M Solutions, such as tracking, remote medical assistance, handhelds and response alerts make all the difference in saving lives. Remote surveillance and monitoring tools have revolutionized the security industry in a number of ways, including:

  • Remote automated security alerts
  • Security via remote video surveillance
  • Remote anti-theft protection
  • Smart ambulance
  • Prompt emergency response time

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Manufacturing is all about productivity and efficiency. M2M Solutions help manufacturing concerns in several ways to reduce the cost of production and improve quality standards. Your manufacturing units can harness M2M Solutions for benefits such as:

  • Reduced cost leakages
  • Remote supervision monitoring
  • Prevention of asset damage and loss
  • Improved automation of industrial machinery
  • Improved visibility and analysis of processing facts
  • Elimination of redundant manual tasks
  • Premises security

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Public Services

With solutions such as sophisticated surveillance, emergency response systems, improved field force management, wearables and smart metering, we were never this close to building Smart Cities. Government authorities could use M2M Solutions to create an impact in areas such as:

  • Remote automated security alerts
  • Improved public security via remote video surveillance
  • Smart ambulances
  • Smart traffic grid
  • Improved policing
  • Prompt emergency response time
  • Tracking convicts and suspects
  • Improved forensics
  • Scientific data for judicial evidence

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In the healthcare industry, improved real time information could make the difference between life and death. M2M Solutions designed for the healthcare sector help fulfill many functions through wearables, remote surgery, and smart tele-health devices including:

  • Real-time remote patient health monitoring
  • Remote electronic medical assistance and checkup
  • Improved emergency response time
  • Connected patients with telehealth apps
  • Remote live surgery
  • Smart ambulances

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Agriculture and Livestock

Where other solutions fail, wireless networks power machinery, help in monitoring environmental factors, tracking and automation in ways never heard of before. A few ways your farms can benefit using our M2M Solutions:

  • Improved crop produce
  • Reduced wastage
  • Faster activity turnaround
  • Reduced burden on manpower
  • Effective pest control
  • Reduced damage from environmental factors
  • Field machinery security and performance
  • Livestock security

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