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Data Journey on Postpaid Pro

A Guide to ensuring uninterrupted use of Mobile Data

The postpaid Pro base plan comes packed the free allowance of data as per the plan selected. To match usage needs, a recurssive bolt-on can be attached to the plan to increase that allowance. Once both, the base plan and Bolt-on allowance is exhausted before the billing month is over, the data is blocked.

Take a trip down this guide and see how you can restore access to mobile data while staying in budget

STEP 1: How to restore Data Access

Choose how would you like to restore the Data Access

Option 1: Purchase Data Bundle

You can purchase up to 3 Bundles in the span of 30 Days, which also is the validity period for one bundle’s allowance.


Option 2: Continue with Base Rate

Should you plan to continue with Base Rate, for the rest of the month, you will be charged Rs.10/MB usage.


STEP 2: Select Bundle

If you have made the choice of restoring Data Access with a Data Bundle, here are the options you can make your selection from

STEP 3: Confirm Selection

If you have decided your option, hit confirm

If you confirm your selection of Bundle or Base Rate, your Data Access will be restored. If you choose to cancel, the Data will remain blocked

Incase you overlook this prompt on your mobile, or wish to change/cancel your selection at the end of the process, please call

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