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Terms and Conditions

  1. This Offer is limited to business customers using pro-series plans
  2. For existing customers, all outstanding payments have to be cleared prior to availing this offer
  3. On subscription of the offer, upfront payment will be made for bundle and device where applicable
  4. Mode of upfront payment can be cheque or cash, this will appear in the first invoice after the purchase, and bundle
  5. The bundle minutes are only for On-net
  6. As per the purchase of Bundle, the on-net bucket will automatically reset every month until the tenure of 1 year is
  7. Handset discount value depends on the handset model and the Device Voice bundle purchased.
  8. The bundle will be activated on the date of purchase and the validity will be from the same date as well.

If a customer choses to unsubscribe the bundle before the 1 year tenure is complete the benefits against the bundle will be lost. However, the customer can re-subscribe by making the purchase again.                                                           

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