Mitigate the risk of unforeseen accidents and episodes of sickness with a simple and affordable health insurance plan.

Accidents and Sickness Happen

When You’re Insured With Sehatyab You Get:

Medical Coverage for Accidents

You can’t control what happens in an accident. We’ve got
you covered for what happens after it.

Medical Coverage for Sickness

Sickness doesn’t come knocking. We’re here
to take care of your needs for after.

You can choose your preferred plan from the options below and enjoy coverage for hospitalization as in-patient:

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit 1000, per night 1500, per night 2000, per night
Daily ICU Confinement Cash Benefit 2000, per night 3000, per night 4000, per night
Monthly Subscription Price Individual Coverage PKR 100 PKR 150 PKR 200

Are You Eligible?

If you are aged between 18 & 65 years; and your company is a corporate customer of the PMCL, you can register in this service offered by MicroEnsure. As soon as your particulars are registered with MicroEnsure, you will be covered and can make insurance claims.

Which Hospital Are You Covered In?

Admission in any hospital is covered. You don’t need to go to a panel hospital to claim insurance. A hospital is a place which:

  • Is licensed by laws of Pakistan to provide medical care
  • Has facilities for diagnostic and laboratory tests, medical diagnosis, treatment and surgery
  • Has a 24 hours nursing service comprising registered graduate nurses under supervision of an in-house physician
  • Provides appropriate medical care to patients under documented procedures
  • Maintains medical records of each patient and provides insurance company easy access to records
  • A clinic is not considered a hospital

Term of Coverage

Upon subscription coverage for one month will commence. You will be automatically charged to renew coverage for next month. If you miss your premium payment your coverage will lapse.

Coverage Limits

One hospitalisation can be covered up to 30 nights

The annual coverage is limited to PKR 60,000 for Bronze, PKR 90,000 for Silver and PKR 120,000 for the Gold plan. A person can only be subscribed to a single plan at a time.

A waiting period of 15 days on hospitalization due to sickness will apply upon enrolment. There is no waiting period on hospitalization due to accidents

A waiting period of 30 days will apply between successive hospitalisations.

How Do You Make A Claim?

In case of hospitalization claimant should do the following:

  • Inform MicroEnsure Pakistan at 051 8466 466 at the time of hospitalization. An accompanying relative can also inform. Not providing this information can affect claim payment
  • Upon discharge inform 051 8466 466. Service representative will assist through the claim process. It is important to provide this information within 15 days of discharge
  • Submit following claim documents:
    • Hospital treatment record which shows date of admission, date of discharge, diagnosis and treatment
    • Copy of CNIC
    • Doctor’s certificate
    • Signed Claim form (if required)
    • Police & Medico-legal report in case of accident, violence or suspected suicide

Claims are processed within five business days after submission of complete claim documents via cheque.


You can contact Jazz Business at 03000 160 160 or or MicroEnsure at 051 8466 466 or to cancel your subscription and discontinue future payments.


Claims will not be payable in following cases:

  • Hospitalisation due to a condition which existed prior to subscription
  • Pregnancy, child birth or any related complications
  • OPD/Out-patient treatment, cosmetic and dental treatment
  • Self-harm, use of alcohol or narcotics
  • War/Civil war or invasion

Important Information

Jazz Business/PMCL is only facilitating the offer, it should not be construed as distributing this product and is not responsible for payment of claims. Sehatyab is developed by MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited which is also providing distribution and administrative services. Insurance benefits are underwritten by Asia Insurance Company Limited which is responsible for payment of valid claims.

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