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Data Roaming @ 30 rupee/mb

For the 1st time in Pakistan, Jazz offers simple data roaming in more than 50 countries all across the world. Be it UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand or whichever top destination that comes to your mind, enjoy 30 rupee/mb rate everywhere! Just get your Data Roaming activated through helpline and start enjoying data roaming worry free.


  • This offer is available for Both Jazz and Warid Customers.
  • Postpaid Corporate customer can activate their Data Roaming by contacting their Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Postpaid Consumer customer can activate their Data Roaming by simply calling helpline 777.
  • Jazz is in Roaming partnership with multiple operators in a single country. All operators in one country do NOT provide the same Data rates. Please ensure that you have selected your desired operator before using Data services. Jazz will not be held responsible in case of bill shock. 
  • All tariffs are charged in Pak Rupees when billed. US$ – Pak Rupee exchange rate shall be the open market exchange rate on 23rd day of the preceding month.
  • Charges have been calculated using prevailing exchange rates and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Data sessions are billed in accordance with the respective Initial and Subsequent charging intervals.
  • Jazz’s International Roamers can contact our International Roaming Helpline on +92 (300) 847 0112 / +92 (300)-2000100.

For details, Please see the Data Roaming Tariff sheet
For Warid postpaid GPRS Tariff details, click here

To access Data Roaming, you simply need to:

Register as a Jazz IR subscriber at any CS center by paying a security deposit of Rs. 20, 000 (if you already have a security deposit of Rs. 5, 000, you will only need to deposit Rs. 15, 000).
Register as a Jazz Data user and pay monthly subscription charges of Rs. 500.
Own a Data-enabled mobile phone.

How much is 1 MB?

Just to give you an idea how much is 1 MB. A 1-minute whatsapp audio call consumes around 0.3 MB. So, 3 minutes of whatsapp audio call is almost 1 MB. So, 1 mb is sufficient to call home for 3 minutes on whatsapp!

Is this offer valid for both Jazz and Warid?

Yes. It is. However, please double check the country and operators’ list. Some countries are different for Jazz and Warid. List for both is attached.

Is this offer valid for all Postpaid Customers, both consumer and corporate?

Yes, it is. All Postpaid customers including Consumer and Corporate can avail this offer.

How to activate this offer?

Just activate your data roaming and this offer would be automatically applicable to your number. Postpaid individual customers can simply call 777 to activate their data roaming. Postpaid corporate customers can ask their key account manager for data roaming activation.

How much money do I need to deposit in order to activate my Data Roaming?

If your roaming is active, you must have already deposited PKR 15000. Data roaming would be activated without any further deposit. In case you previously did not activate your roaming, you would have to activate your Roaming with Data’. For that you would have to deposit PKR 15000 to any nearby customer franchise.

What countries are included in this Data Roaming offer?

The offer includes 50+ countries for both Jazz and Warid each. It includes UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and other major countries. For details, please see the list attached.

Is this offer available in these 50+ countries in ALL operators?

Well, not all operators offer 30 rupee / mb rate in these 50+ countries. That is why make sure to check out the list above to see which operators are included. However, don’t worry, our system is such that it ll ensure (on best effort basis) you automatically latch onto the deal operator in the country you are travelling. Just make sure you don’t manually latch onto the undesired network.

What about calling and sms rates on Roaming? Is there any offer on these too?

A perfect question indeed! We are already working on these. You would be hearing about some great offers on voice and sms call rates on roaming soon!

Any other Tax or VAT applicable?

This offer is inclusive of all Taxes charged by the roaming country.