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Tips for Roamers

Activate your International Roaming:

Customers simply need to call the Jazz Helpline at 111 and have their IR activated*.
*Conditions apply. Please refer to FAQs for details.

Check the International Roaming Tariffs at your destination:

Click here to download postpaid IR tariff

GPRS/Blackberry Usage

Jazz enables you to use GPRS/BlackBerry devices when roaming internationally. The service works only when you have a local subscription which is active. Any GPRS/Blackberry use on roaming is charged according to international roaming tariffs.

Validity period for all active GPRS/BlackBerry subscriptions will not change while you are on roaming. For example, your GPRS/Blackberry services were to expire on 7th Jan 201X. So, regardless of whether you are on roaming or not on that date, the services will expire.

Receiving and sending emails, BlackBerry Chats/Messaging, software updates while you on roaming, are part of roaming data usage and therefore, are charged according to roaming data charges.

Certain networks charge for PDP (Packet Data Protocol) context, which is necessary for getting connected to the GPRS network and works as an authorization platform. This appears in the bill as charges against 0 Kb usages, which are also billable.

You are therefore requested to disable data on roaming access on their handsets. Please call our customer care or visit the nearest Jazz Customer Care Centre for assistance on how to disable data on roaming

You will be liable for any GPRS/BlackBerry data charges while on roaming.

  • International data costs can hit your travel budget hard. They increase when abroad and data provided with your monthly subscription plan does not include international data roaming.
  • Make sure that none of your apps will override your data roaming settings and turn your data back on.
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots when available. Many airports and hotels have free Wi-Fi.
  • If you do want to access the Internet or GPS outside of Wi-Fi hotspots, turn data roaming on only when you are using it.
  • Switch off all free services that you subscribe to. Certain GPRS based applications viz. GPS, Facebook, Twitter, Widgets, RSS Feeds, Email, weather updates, News, Blackberry Messenger or any other instant messaging application etc. as they continuously consume data bandwidth leading to high Data-Roaming charges even when you are not using the same. This is applicable to smart phones and high-end GPRS capable handsets whose software poll (communicate with) the home network continuously.
  • Check status of your call forwarding to ensure you cancel all call forwards before you travel abroad.
  • You may want to review/cancel any call diverts that you may have activated as there will be two-way Roaming charging on Voicemail services and on conditional call forwarding while roaming.
  • For detailed information on our cost of roaming in your destination click here

Turning Off Your Data Settings

  • Turn off your data services if you don’t want to use them overseas. See how to do this for your phone below.


  • Go to Menu> Manage Connections> Mobile Network Options>
  • Ensure that Data Services ‘While Roaming’ is turned off or turn ALL DATA services off
  • Please note: BlackBerry Smartphone services once subscribed are only free while in Malawi. They will be charged for while roaming. These include BBM (charged as per SMS), email (charged as data download) and any other special services.

Delete ALL APN Settings:

  • Go to Settings> General> Network> Cellular Data Network>
  • Delete the content from the APN field – press Network
  • Turn off Data Roaming
  • Turn off Cellular Data

Delete ALL APN Settings:

  • Go to Menu> Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Network>
  • Open Access Point Names (APN)
  • Open APN
  • Go to Menu > Delete APN
  • Repeat for all APNs

Do you have a different phone? Please look at your phone’s manual to see how to turn off data settings. If you’re still having trouble or you’d like more info, call us at our helpline we’ll gladly help you out. Bon Voyage!

The following handsets have been confirmed to work with voice calls and SMS on DoCoMo’s W-CDMA network. These handsets can be bought or rented from the airport in Japan.

As of March, 2007, interoperability for handsets other than the LG U8500 is not officially guaranteed.

Handsets listed below also may not be compatible due to software version. Please confirm details for each handset with retailers.

NOKIA 6233, 6234, 6280, 6288, 6290, 6630, 6650, 6680, 7390, 7600, E60, E61, E65, E70, N70, N71, N73, N77, N80, N90, N91, N92, N93, N95
Motorola A1000, E1000, V1000, A835, A925, C975, E770, E770V, E1070, E1120, V975, V980, V1050, RAZR v3x, RAZR v3xx, RAZR maxx, RAZR maxxV6
LG U8360, U8380, U300, U400, U880, U890, U900
Samsung SGH-Z320i, SGH-Z400, SGH-Z510, SGH-Z540, SGH-Z540v, SGH-Z720SGH-ZV10, SGH-ZV30, SGH-ZV40, SPH-W2100
Sony Ericsson K600, K600i, K608, K608i, K610i, K610im, K800i, K810i, M600, M600i, P990i, V600, V600i, V630i, W850i, W880i, W900, W900i, W950i, Z610i, Z800, Z800i
SHARP SHARP 703, SHARP 903, 550SH, 770SH
BenQ-Siemens EF81, EF91, E81
BlackBerry 8707g