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Visiting Roamers

Tips for Visiting Roamers

Why roamers should select Jazz network?

When you select Jazz’s network as your choice for mobile communication in Pakistan, you select the most reliable and powerful network with extensive nationwide and worldwide coverage.

Network Selection Procedure

Once you arrive in Pakistan, you will be able to access Jazz’s network in the following ways:


By default, phone sets are configured on automatic network selection. On arrival in Pakistan your phone set will search for available networks and will automatically select a network. Ensure that the selected network is Jazz, which has a network code of “410 01″.


If you are unable to access Jazz’s network automatically then you can search for the list of available networks by browsing your phone set. Under “Menu”, select “Settings”, followed by “Phone Settings” and then “Network Selection” or refer to your phone user guide. A list of available networks will appear. Select “410 01″ and enjoy superior services provided by Jazz.

Making Domestic and International Calls while roaming in Pakistan

Domestic Calls

The following scenarios explain how to make domestic calls while using Jazz’s network:

International Calls

All calls outside Pakistan will be treated as international calls including calls made to your home country.

For international calls, dial the International Access Code, followed by the Country Code, City Code or Mobile Code (minus the leading zero) before calling a landline or mobile number of any other country, e.g. to call a landline number in Santa Clara, California, USA, dial +1 408 (phone number).

List of emergency services

The following information and emergency services can be accessed during your stay in Pakistan:

*Customer Care calls are free of charge while normal Airtime charges are applicable for all other emergency calls.