Self Service

Now WhatsApp “Hi” on 03003008000 from your postpaid number and get information on your current billing amount, existing package, last month’s invoice as well as other services. Now, also pay your bill instantly through Jazz Cash or scratch card and stay connected to Jazz services on International Roaming by using the WhatsApp features.

Available Services


Current Package
Current Balance
Tax Certificate
Account Recharge
IR Support

Jazz WhatsApp Channel is brought to you by Jazz in partnership with our local mobile partner.

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Jazz WhatsApp Channel’s use of your personal data is governed by its own privacy policy.

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How Can I Start Using This Service?

You only need to save (03003008000) as a contact on your mobile device and you will be able to start using this service by starting a chat with the saved contact

Can I Talk To A Jazz Representative Through This Account?

This is an automated service & will display a list of features which are available from this channel.

What Is Jazz WhatsApp Account?

This is Jazz’ official presence on Whatsapp. It is designed to help you get the information you need easily without memorizing dialing codes.

How Can I Use It?

Just send Hi to 03003008000 on WhatsApp.

After getting the response, you can reply with the number of the information you want and the Jazz Whatsapp account will send you what you need.

Are There Any Charges To Use Jazz Whatsapp Account?

The Jazz Whatsapp account is the same as any other WhatsApp account. Talking to it is the same as talking to any of your family, friends or colleagues (It will be free over WiFi, normal charges over Mobile Data)

Is It For Postpaid & Prepaid Customers?

This service is for Postpaid Jazz Customers only.

Can I Get Bills Older Than 1 Month Through This Account?

This feature is currently limited to only the most recent bill.