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Jazz Intro Me

Jazz Intro Me gives you the facility to send a quick introduction to the receiver by making a flash message appear on receivers mobile while the phone rings. You have the facility to customize messages or greeting for every caller.

Offer Details
SubscriptionDial *6060#
Un-subscription Dial *6060#
Subscription ChargesRs.10 / month

Call Charges with prefix 98: Rs. 0.5/ 30 seconds

Jazz Champion’s Package
Subscription Send ‘SUB’ to 6064
Un-Subscription Send ‘UNSUB’ to 6064
Charges Prepaid: Rs.5 /15 days
Call Charges with prefix : Rs. 0.50 /30 sec

Customers can benefit from the following actions once they subscribe:

  • Set and view Introduction Message
  • Set and view caller Specific Introduction
  • Create groups and set group specific Introduction
Description Command
Subscribe Intro Me Service SUB
Set General Introduction SET INTRO <INTRO>
View General Introduction VIEW INTRO
Delete General Introduction DEL INTRO
Set caller specific Introduction SET CALLER <NUMBER> <INTRO>
View all caller specific Introductions VIEW CALLERS
Delete caller specific Introduction DEL <NUMBER>
Create Intro Me group CREATE GROUP <GROUPNAME>
View all groups VIEW GROUPS
Add number to a group ADD GROUP <GROUPNAME> <NUMBER>
Set group specific Introduction SET GROUP <GROUPNAME> <INTRO>
View group specific Introduction and numbers VIEW GROUP <GROUPNAME>
Delete Intro Me group DEL GROUP <GROUPNAME>
Delete specific number from group DEL GROUP <GROUPNAME> <NUMBER>
View help HELP
Unsubscribe Intro Me Service UNSUB


  • Service is available for all prepaid(excluding Champion Package) and postpaid customers
  • Intro Me Introduction Message will be delivered on all local networks
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • In light of recent orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Sales Tax and Advance Income Tax are not being collected from Postpaid Consumers in Pakistan w.e.f. 16th Oct 2018. The tax amount mentioned in the bill (if any) is related to the amounts incurred upto 15th Oct 2018.