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JazzSafe helps users in backing up their phone data.

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SubscriptionSend SMS to 427
Un-subscription Send ‘UnReg’ to 427
ChargesRs. 2/ SMS

Subscription charges of Rs. 10/per month excl.


Useful Commands:

Type the following and send it to 427:
Useful Commands

For GPRS version

Sub To subscribe to Phonebook Saver (GPRS users)
“Info” For account information
“Res” To restore deleted contacts
Set To receive service settings again

“Help” Help menu

“UnReg” To unsubscribe from Phonebook Saver service

For SMS version

“RSMS” To subscribe to Phonebook Saver
To add a contact to Phonebook Saver
Get To retrieve a single saved contact
Get All To retrieve all saved contacts
Del To delete a single saved contact

Info For account information

Res To restore deleted contacts
Help Help menu
UnReg To unsubscribe from Phonebook Saver service

Can anyone else view my contacts?

No one will be able to view your contacts except you, as JazzSafe provides a secure backup of your contacts.

I am a JazzSafe subscriber and my phone is lost/broken. How will I retrieve my contacts?

For GPRS version
Send an SMS to 427 to get JazzSafe settings on your new mobile phone and synchronize to get a complete copy of your all contacts.
For SMS version
Send an SMS ‘GET ‘to 427. All your lost contacts will be sent to you through SMS or Send an SMS ‘GETV’ to 427. All your contacts will be sent to your handset via business card. You will receive 20 contacts at one time, however, to get the remaining contacts you need to send ‘GETV‘ to 427. You just need to save all the business cards to receive a complete copy of your contacts.

I have accidentally deleted some contacts! Can I retrieve them?

Yes! JazzSafe provides a secure backup of your contacts on the web which is password protected. If you accidentally delete some contacts from your handset, you just need to sync to retrieve your deleted contacts. If you have deleted contacts from the web then you need to send an SMS <‘RES’> to 427. All your deleted contacts within the past 30 days will be restored.

For GPRS version
Click on the sync profile in the Sync menu on your phone and Synchronise to restore your contacts in your handset. You need to Synchronize again to retrieve all the restored contacts on your phone.
For SMS version
Send an SMS ‘GET‘ to 427. The deleted contacts will be retrieved on your phone through SMS.

If my contacts are saved in the SIM memory instead of the Phone memory, will the Phonebook Saver work?

No, Contacts must be saved in the phone memory for the Phonebook Saver service to work. If you have your contacts saved on the SIM, copy them to phone memory to avail this service.

Why did I receive an SMS saying “Your mobisafe service is temporarily blocked”?

On the 1st of every month, the subscription is charged. If you do not have sufficient balance, your JazzSafe service will be temporarily blocked and your contacts will remain saved for 30 days. You need to recharge your account if you wish to retain your saved contacts and continue using this service.

Can I save multiple contacts in a single step?

Yes, you can save multiple contacts at the same time.
For GPRS version
Click on Sync Profile and Synchronize to store all your contacts simultaneously.
For SMS version
Just follow this format while writing an SMS and sending it to 427
Please make sure to give a <space> between all names and phone numbers

  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • In light of recent orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Sales Tax and Advance Income Tax are not being collected from Postpaid Consumers in Pakistan w.e.f. 16th Oct 2018. The tax amount mentioned in the bill (if any) is related to the amounts incurred upto 15th Oct 2018.