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Jazz Video News Alerts

Jazz Video News Alerts brings you video news alerts straight to your mobile set in up to 5 languages so that you remain updated on the go at all times.

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SubscriptionSend ‘sub’ to 7037
Un-subscription Send ‘unsub’ to 7037
ChargesSMS to 7037: Rs.1.0 per SMS

How to Receive Daily News Alerts
After successful subscription, you will be subscribed to the default ‘Urdu’ channel. After the option to change the language appears, please reply with the corresponding Channel Number to set your preferred language.

  1. Urdu
  2. Pushto
  3. Punjabi
  4. Siraiki
  5. English

For E.g.: Reply with ‘5’ to set language as English.
Once subscribed, you will receive 3 News alerts daily.

How to Pull News Alerts

What is the source of the news?

The source of the news is Express News, which is a credible news agency.

Will I be charged separately for downloading the video clip?

No, only the subscription charges apply and SMS charges of Rs.1 for every SMS sent to 7037.

Do I need to make any changes to the settings on my handset?

Yes, your handset must be MMS ready. Please call 111 to configure your handset for receiving MMS.

Can I use the service without being subscribed to daily alerts?

Yes, simply send your preferred language (Urdu/English/Siraiki/Punjabi/Pushto) to 7037 to receive a news alert at any time.

At what times, will the daily alerts be sent?

The news alerts will be sent around 9 am, 1:30pm and 7pm daily. However, the timings may vary.

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