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Mobile Academy

Mobile Academy

The leading telecommunication provider of Pakistan, Jazz, brings its customers yet another incredible online portal for the benefit of its consumers “Mobile Academy”

Mobile Academy provides customers with seamless access to a wide array of education oriented activities including disciplines as versatile as home improvement and as customized as personality development. There are multiple other academic subjects as well.

Keeping in line with the speed of information advancement, the courses available are readily updated every month. At a one-time charge, Jazz opens an entire educational world, enhanced by multimedia interactivity and backed by Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet.

  • User visits http://start.mobileacademy.com/ Jazz from his/her handset
  • In case the customer’s MSISDN is detected automatically, then the customer will simply have to click on “Subscribe Now” button
  • Customer will get charged and will receive the link via SMS which upon clicking will take him/her to the service starting page
  • In case the customer’s MSISDN does not get detected automatically, then the customer will input his/her number on the portal and click on “Subscribe Now”
    • The customer will receive PIN on his/her handset which he will enter on the portal and then will get charged
    • After getting charged, customer will receive the link via SMS which will take him/her to the service’s starting page

Note: All subscriptions on this service are Non-recursive, meaning the customer will not get automatically charged upon expiry of the subscription. He/she will be intimated to re-subscribe to the service upon expiry.

Prepaid Service Charges: PKR 40 + tax for 1 week

Standard GPRS charges as per package plan apply for the browsing and downloading content from the service

Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA