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Offer Details:

  • Buy the device now and get 36GB free data for a month
  • Rs.1500 Monthly Regular Bundle will offer 36 GB for 30 Days for all new subscriptions & renewals from 13 October, 2017. Dial *117*73*2# to check subscription status

Know your Jazz Wingle Device


1 | Before You Begin

Remember or write down the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Password mentioned in the battery compartment before inserting the battery and replacing back cover.
You will need it to set up your device.


2 | Inserting SIM Card & SD Card

Open the back cover and locate the SIM and SD Card slots. Slide the SIM and SD trays downwards (OPEN) to lift the trays up. Then insert the SIM and SD Cards and slide the trays upwards (LOCK) to secure the tray. Make sure both the SIM and SD Cards are placed properly with the chip facing down.

3 | Turning on the Device

The setup is complete. Now you can turn ON your device by pressing the Power Button and connect your device to the wireless network by using the SSID and Password you noted down in Step 1.
Hold the power button for 3 Seconds to turn the device ON/OFF. You can connect up to 12 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time on your Jazz Wi-Fi Device.


4 | Resetting the device

Occasionally, you may need to perform a hardware reset when you forget login username or password, You can reset the device by pressing Reset button for 1 second.

5 | Web Configuration

Change Network Name, Password etc.
Using the Web Configuration Utility, you can change the Network Name (SSID), the Password, configure the Sleep Mode and modify other functions.
Step 1: Connect your Computer/Smartphone to the Jazz Wi-Fi device over USB or Wi-Fi interface.
Step 2: Enter the URL http://jazz.wifi in address bar of the browser to open the web configuration page
Remark: The system might enter sleep mode after some time of inactivity. In case the device goes into Sleep Mode press the Power Button lightly to bring it back to Active Mode. During Sleep Mode, the SSID of your Jazz Wi-Fi Device will stop broadcasting and a breathing light can be seen on the Power Button.

6| Indicators

Signal Indicators:

Mbb-red No Network

Mbb-yellow 2G

Mbb-green 3G

Mbb-blue LTE


Wi-Fi LED light on — Wi-Fi on

Wi-Fi LED light off — Wi-Fi off

Safety for the Owner:

Always keep the device at a distance of 20cm from medical devices like hearing aids or pacemakers etc. As they may interfere with your Wi-Fi device. It is advisable to consult your physician or the manufacturer of the medical device before using your device.

Avoid using device in areas with high electromagnetic radiations.

Be aware of the usage limitations when using your device at places such as aircrafts, petrol stations, hospitals, oil warehouses or chemical factories, where there are explosives gases or explosive products being processed. Turn off your device if required.

Do not open and touch the inner area of your device as it may affect your device performance.

Keep the device out of children’s reach. Your device may cause injury if used as a toy.

Do not touch metallic parts of your device as they may become hot when the device is working.

Device Handling:

• Keep the device out of children’s reach. Your device may cause injury if used as a toy.

• Use only original and authorized accessories. Unauthorized accessories may affect your device performance.

Do not expose your device to moisture or water. Handle carefully. Do not drop!

Offer Mechanics

Following are the offer mechanics:

  • Data SIM has been included in the device box. The price plan of data sim included with the device is valid for data sim.
  • Biometric Verification is required for activation of the Data SIM.
  • 25 GB bundle will be automatically provisioned after BVS verification on new sale. Validity of the bundle is one Month.
  • New Sale bundle will re-occur after 30 days @ 1500PKR/Month.
  • LTE Wi-Fi devices are available under connection category in EFICS.
  • PAYG browsing is not allowed on this data price plan. Users have to purchase broadband bundles to access internet.
  • Overage rate of Rs. 0.30/MB (inclusive of tax) will be charged after bundle is consumed during bundle validity.

USSD Strings for Offers



Required – PKR

Price –







Un-Sub String


Grace Period


Internet – Basic



15 GB





6 Months


Internet – Regular



36 GB





6 Months


Internet – Heavy



75 GB





6 Months

New Sale

Offer (childoffer)


(After first month)


36 GB




6 Months

Web Portal

  • Goto: http:// jazz.wifi/
  • Type admin/ admin in username and password to access device configuration
  • To reset your device click seeting -> System -> restore defaults -> Reset

Mobile Portal

Warranty Claim Process:

  • Warranty claim process/TCS details: The customers with faulty Jazz devices in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore will be entertained in their city service centers. Customers from other than these cities can directly dispatch the devices to GadgeIT service center Islamabad via TCS Account (880418). If device is under warranty then device will be repaired and dispatched to customer address and if device found physical/water damaged, burnt then repairing charges will be shared with customer if customer agreed to pay then repair the device and dispatch to customer through Cash on Delivery Model of TCS. Following is the TAT:
    • Islamabad 2 Days TAT for walk in customers
    • Lahore 2 Days TAT for walk in customers
    • Karachi 2 Days TAT for walk in customers
    • Customer from other cities will have 5 days TAT.
  • Contact numbers and addresses of all Regional offices Service Centers:
    • Lahore: New Cell Point G-135, Hafeez Center, Gulberg-III, Lahore. Contact no. 03008438414
    • Karachi: Shop no 31, Gemini Shopping Plaza, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi Contact no: 0313-8290914
    • Islamabad: 424 Street 27 E-11/4 NFP Islamabad Contact no: 0320-2293777, 0301-5100077
  • Warranty void conditions: This warranty is available exclusively for device and does not cover battery, charger, cables or any other component supplied along with. This warranty will be deemed void if failure of the device has resulted due to liquid damage, accident, burn, abuse, misapplication use with non-genuine batteries,  user installed software /damaged caused by use with additional equipment or if the device has been serviced / repaired by anyone other than SBS Authorized Service Centers / if IMEI is scratch not found in software. The customer must preserve the original packaging of the device for the entire warranty period. Due to any technical or unforeseen reason delivery of device could be delayed. The actual repair charges may vary from estimate depending on parts used and repair time.

Contact us

If you have further questions or require personal assistance, please contact us by calling or sending an email.

Mbb-icon2 Phone: 111-300-300.

Mbb-icon1 Visit www.jazz.com.pk

Device can be managed directly from the mobile app which can downloaded by searching “JazzWiFi” on Android or Apple App store. All basic settings of the device can be changed through the app:


If you can’t connect to the internet, take a look at the questions below.

Q. Why can’t I access the internet?

• Please check if the user is connected to Jazz Wi-Fi SSID.

• Make sure your SIM card is properly inserted.

• Check if your Jazz Wi-Fi is connected to the network.

• Ensure your SIM card is activated and has adequate data    balance available.

Q. How do I change my network name and Password?

Please connect computer/smartphone to your Jazz Wi-Fi device over USB/Wi-Fi interface.

• Enter http://jazz.wifi in the browser’s URL input field.

• Click on the “Login” button on top right corner of your webpage screen.

• Use the following login details to access the Web Configuration Utility and make changes to your network:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Q. Why can’t I establish a Wi-Fi connection?

Please make sure the Wi-Fi function is active on your Jazz Wi-Fi. Refresh the network list and select the correct SSID. Type the correct network key (Wi-Fi password) when you are connected to device.

General Supported OS
WinXP(SP3 onwards)/Vista/Win7/Win8 Win10/MAC/Linux
Input Voltage Output Voltage Maximum Power Consumption
5V 4.35V Maximum 3.5W
External Interfaces
Micro-USB port Micro-SIM Card interface Micro-SD card interface(up to 32GB)
Operating Temp.Charge
Charging: 0℃~+40℃
95.5x32.0x12.8 mm
No.of Devices Supported
12 (WiFi)+1(USB tethering)
Power Adaptor Input Power Supply AC Output Power Supply
100~240V DC 5V
Environmental Ambient Temperature Humidity
Operating:0℃~+40℃ Storage:-20℃~+60℃ 5% to 95%(non-condensing)