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Why Jazz?


Where other networks fail, ours connects instantly. On highways & byways, throughout thousands of destinations across Pakistan, only Jazz has you fully covered. So no more mixed signals, because only Jazz talks to you loud & clear.

Jazz provides the widest coverage network, covering more than 10,000+ cities, towns, and villages across Pakistan. It connects over 31.6 million family members every second of the day with exceptional voice quality due to its broad coverage. Our coverage is expanding day by day, and soon, the only other thing covering Pakistan more than Jazz would be the clear blue sky.

The type of coverage service Jazz provides is divided into three main categories:

  • PHYSICAL PRESENCE (Jazz has physical infrastructure in the area)
  • INDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (High coverage level in adjoining area)
  • OUTDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (Medium coverage level in adjoining area)

Along with nationwide coverage, Jazz also provides true International Roaming in over 140 countries with more than 300 partner operators worldwide.